Thursday, September 6, 2012


Thoughts I had yesterday morning as I prepared myself for Emerson's first set of immunizations in the afternoon:
  • I'm so thankful that this is the first real medical intervention she's had to face in her two months of life, and that even this is arguably "elective". 
  • There are millions of people of around the world who would give much to be able to give their child preventative medicine such as this. It wasn't long ago that preventing these diseases wasn't an option in our own country, and countless families suffered loss because there were no vaccines. We are so blessed to live in an age where we can protect our babies from so much.
  • We are allowing Emerson to experience pain to protect her from something worse. The Lord often does the same thing, doesn't He? He sees His children through painful times, knowing that the pain and the trials serve a purpose and greater days are ahead. 
  • I'm really not looking forward to this.

We were so proud of how Emerson handled her shots. She lay on the exam table, and Bobby and I leaned over her body and held down her arms. And, right before the injections began, she smiled that precious smile. (Of course she would. You're not making this any easier, little one!) The nurse was so quick and the three shots were over before her "serious" crying could really begin. She got mad, but I nursed her immediately and she calmed quickly (as did I.) She slept on the drive home, and for most of the afternoon. During the evening, her pain was evident, usually when she stretched her sore little legs. (I expected the vaccine procedure to be difficult for ME, watching her experience pain. Little did I know that seeing her continue to hurt for the rest of the day would be even harder.) She wanted lots of cuddle time, and was far more fussy than usual, but never felt particularly feverish. She went to bed easily and slept through the night, with just one extra feeding. Hopefully, the worst is behind her and she can get back to being her content, happy self today. 

Thoughts I have now that the first round of shots is done:
  • We did it! 
  • I'm glad that's over.
  • Thank you, God, for protecting my little girl.

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