Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Folder Fodder

What, your living room isn't lined with manila file folders? No? Guess it's just me.

We're getting ready to paint the trim throughout the house, and realized that it wouldn't be as simple of a project as it was in the kitchen, where a strip of painter's tape on the tiled floor got the job done. No, for the rest of the carpeted house, we were preparing ourselves to either have to pull up the carpet along the edges, or take the trim off.

And then, last night, I had an "ah-ha!" moment.

The conversation between Bobby and I went something a bit like this:

E: "What if we buy a thin plastic drop-cloth and slide strips of it under the trim?"
B: "That could work."
E: "OR...(running through the house to grab a colored folder)...what if we can slide this under here...(shoving the folder under the trim to try out my theory)...Hey, let's just buy a bunch of these and cut them in half! They're probably about to be on sale with school starting!"
B: "Great idea." (He really was in more of a 'hang-out-with-the-dog-and-not-do-home-improvement' mood. I don't blame him.) 
E: "OR...(running through the house again to grab the box of 100 manila envelopes)...we could use these! We already have them! Do you want to do that tonight?!"
B: "I think that would be a great project for you to do tomorrow. You need something to do." (See what I mean? Oh, well. He was right...I did.)

So, there you have it...the story behind why our living room and hallway is currently lined with halved-manila file folders. I must say, this technique seems to be working quite well. It appears that the folders are thick enough to prevent paint bleed-through, but thin enough to slide easily under the trim, over the carpet...and, if it works, they will make what could have been an awful, awful project of removing carpet and/or trim, quite simple indeed.

Here's hoping this "look-what-I-did-creatively!" post isn't shortly followed by a "why-did-I-think-that-would-work?" one. Oh, well. This is how we learn!

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