Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This Is Life

A friend-of-a-friend of mine used to have this short tagline at the top of her blog:


To be honest, that didn't really resonate with me when I first read it a couple of years ago. But, for some reason, that brief sentence has really stuck with me, and the sentiment has made a lot of sense to me in the past few weeks.

I've known for a long time that this spring would be a whirlwind of events and activities.

Buying the house
Working on the house
Moving into the house
Rachel's bridal showers
Rachel's graduation
Rachel and Brice's wedding
Bobby's business trips (plural)
Bobby's football league
Parties/celebrations/weddings for special friends

And, a whirlwind it is. We're in the thick of it now, and the past few weeks have been every bit as hectic as I expected. (But, expected though the packed schedule was, how much can you prepare yourself for busy times, really?)

Those three words have come to mind recently during this busy, busy season. I've found myself thinking, "This is life! This is it! We're living the moments and celebrations that will happen just once in our lifetimes."

You get to buy and move into your first house, just once.
You get to throw a bridal shower for your little sister, just once.
You get to be the Matron of Honor, planning and celebrating your sister's wedding, just once.
You get to share in the joy of the weddings of dear friends, just once.

You get the point.

All of the events taking place in our lives this spring are such BIG things, and our busyness is a good kind of "busy". Still, the packed schedule gets wearisome, and I've felt a bit as though I'm just getting through each week. I don't want to! These are big life moments, each deserving of due recognition as such.

I need to remind myself to take the time to slow down enough to recognize each occasion (...each day...each week...) as the treasured memory it will become.

I can't say for certain what Megan intended by those three little words; maybe I'm way off the mark in my interpretation. But, I'm thankful for the catchphrase that it has become for me...a little reminder to recognize all of the moments that are filling each busy day as the ones that are making up my lifetime.

This is a busy spring.
This is a hectic week.
This is life!

And these days, I'm really living, appreciating, and celebrating it.

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  1. This IS life! :)
    You're right on.