Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Worth Repeating / 11

December 2016


Emerson, getting Brennan away from manger:
"Get away! I need some alone time with Jesus!"

Brennan: "Know vut, Mommy? I yuv you tooow much. Know vut, Daddy? I yuv you tow much. Know vut, Em-sen? I yuv you toe much."


Brennan: "My cose on, Mommy?"
Mommy: "You're ready to put on your clothes? Which ones will you choose?"
Brennan: "Umm, pity (pretty) ones."

Brennan, with stethoscope:
"Docca he-uh, check you up. Fump, fump. Heffy, good."


Emerson, playing with Mary and Elizabeth paper dolls:
"My baby's named John and my baby's named Jesus and they're going to really get to know each other. Oh, what just happened? My baby jumped when he saw you!"


Brennan: "Good dob, mommy! You work toe hard!"

Brennan: "Can (can't) get (forget) fammee (family) hug!"

Mommy: "I love you, Brennan Elizabeth."
Brennan: "I yuv you, Mommy Izzuhbeff."


Emerson: "I can't wait to meet Jesus someday."


Brennan: "Why baby Je-Yus born?"
Mommy: "He came to earth to grow up and save the world from our sins!"
Brennan: "For me?! And, Em-Sen? And, Mommy! And, Daddy! And, Roy-Uh!"

January 2017


Mommy: "You are so lucky, because you'll have a baby sister AND a baby brother!"
Emerson: "I'm going to be busy...."


Brennan: "My hair es toe yong!" (is so long)
Mommy: "It's beautiful!"
Brennan: "Yeah, I know it is!"


Emerson: "What kind of macaroni are we having? Eyebrows or shells?"

Brennan: "I use my knockers!" (binoculars)

Emerson: "This is nice! Got the fire goin', having supper, watchin' a movie!"


Emerson: "You're distracting me by making me laugh to keep me from being sad that Daddy's leaving!"


Emerson: "I'm the worst. Just kidding. I'm the sweetest, and the funniest. I make people laugh."


Brennan, upon waking up in the morning:
"Baby in your tummy! I have baby bruvver! I cuddle wiff my baby. I love baby toe much."


Mommy: "Today we get a new president, President Trump...and it's hard, because a lot of people didn't want for him to be elected."
Emerson: "Can we pray for him? I think we should pray for him."

Mommy, watching President Obama board the helicopter as President Trump saluted from steps:
"It's their final goodbye, a way to show respect, and say 'okay, your work is done...it's my responsibility now...'"
Emerson:"'...I'll do a good job'..."

Mommy: "God doesn't put us on a leash or keep us in a cage..."
Emerson: "But, I know where He does keep us. In His hands...."


Mommy: "It's grown-up time. Mommy and Daddy spend time together."
Brennan: "And, hang out?"
Mommy: "Yes."
Brennan: "I hang out wiff you? I have so much fun hanging out wiff Daddy and Mommy."


Mommy: "Brennan, what is in your mouth?"
Brennan: "Caw-cuh-it". (chocolate)
Mommy: "Brennan, HOW did you get that?"
Brennan: "Okay. Yemme sow you." (Let me show you.)
Mommy: "When you were doing that, was there a little voice in your mind that told you that you weren't supposed to do that?"
Brennan: (nodding) "My body ree-wee, reeeeee-wee hun-gee." (really, really hungry)


Mommy: "Brennan, do you need a blanket or your robe?"
Brennan: "Mm, no, I duss fine." (just fine)


Emerson: "I'll have to ask God about that. You can pray about anything! Say anything! One word, two words...anything! God likes to hear you pray!"

February 2017


Emerson: "Dear God, Thank you for Aunt Mimi. I pray that she has a wonderful life in heaven."

Emerson: "I feel loved. I feel loved every day."


Brennan: "You're toe 'pecial to me."


Emerson: "I have a really neat question. Is this whole wide world heaven? Because, Jesus lives in our hearts, and so He's making this world good."


Mommy: "Look at the buds in the tree!"
Emerson: "You're really anxious about that, aren't you?"

Brennan: "Mommy, can I cuddle wiff you? Because, you're my mommy!"


Emerson: "I thought something really silly. What if ---- and I grow up to be really helpful to each other, and we could marry each other. Hahaha. I don't think he knows anything about weddings, though. I don't, either. You have to be a little older. I was just thinking what if we got married...."

Brennan: "I have baby bruvver. We'll go on walk, wiff stroller. ... I don't want you to push da 'troller wiff me. I do it by myself."


Brennan, working with tool box:
"I a worker. You not a worker, I a worker. I not need hepp (help), cause I a worker."


Brennan: "I uh big guhl! Becauuuuse, I climb tings!"


Emerson, picking her cuticle:
Mommy: "That's not a good thing to do. I'm not very good at that...."
Emerson: "I am. I never make it bleed. I'm careful."

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