Friday, January 2, 2015

The Present

On New Year's Eve-Eve, Bobby asked me if I had any New Year's resolutions for 2015. I reminded him that "no, I never do". But, as I thought about that, I realized that I'd never really been able to articulate why that is. To be fair, I'd never really tried.

But, I pondered it a bit the next day, and decided that I'm not inherently opposed to the idea, by any means. Yet, I realized that when I think about the coming of a new year, I am more likely to be reflective of the past year than looking forward to the one to come.

I am fortunate in that my years aren't ones I'm particularly ready to see go. Even the "low" points of any year in recent memory aren't the parts of the year that come to mind. What a blessing. The negative happenings haven't even been notable enough to remember. Instead, the memories that come to mind are ones of great joy and happiness and comfort. So, although a new year holds intrigue and excitement, I find myself more sorry to see the goodness of the past year fade.

2014 was incredible. Another beautiful year. And, as I look back at the year, so much of it is difficult to many ways, it feels like the year didn't begin until early October, when Brennan joined the family. The year began with the hope that a baby would be on the way...excitement and anticipation for several seasons as we awaited our daughter's arrival...and joyful celebration when Brennan was here. To consider that she wasn't even created this time last year...and all that can happen within twelve months indeed incredible.

Looking to the future is fun, but the present is just so darn wonderful these days. So, if forced to verbalize a "resolution" of some sort, I suppose it would be to focus on truly being present in the present.

Happy New Year!

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