Friday, October 25, 2013

This Season

The other day, Bobby remarked a sentiment that echoed a thought I'd recently had. (I love it when that happens!) He mentioned how fun it is this season to be able to remember Emerson at this time last year, and compare those experiences to what we're experiencing now. 

Last fall brought some of the first memories we made together as a family of three, including a trip to the local farm and pumpkin patch. We were becoming more comfortable taking Emerson out of the house, and we were ready to enjoy the cooler weather with our 3-month old baby girl. We had a good time at the farm last year, but I clearly remember watching the families with toddlers and thinking, "that'll be us next year...what fun that will be!

And now, here we are. As we walked around the pumpkin patch last weekend with our toddler, I found myself remembering with a happy heart our time there last October, amazed at how much that baby of ours has grown.

A little look at then (left: October 2012) and now (right: October 2013):




As we approach the holiday season, I suspect I'll be doing quite a bit of this sort of reflecting...cherishing the memories of those early months & new holidays we celebrated with our baby, all the while overwhelmed by the joy that will come from doing this with her all over again.

The fun really has only just begun!

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  1. So sweet! I love the side-by-side photos! So fun to see how sweet Emerson has grown over the year! What a fun blog post!