Sunday, June 16, 2013

"World's Best Dad"

I never liked those coffee mugs with the phrase "World's Best Dad". It always seemed so arrogant to pronounce that one's father is the BEST. Of all of them. In the world.

I mean, really? Who are you to say that your parent is the greatest? Don't you know my dad?

Of course, most mug-bestowing children would probably admit that no insult is intended, and it's simply a gesture to honor one's father. It is, after all, an impossible thing to judge the quality of a father, among all of the wonderful daddies there are! And, how special that is...that there are so many men working hard for their families, loving them so deeply that children believe that they are the BEST!

And, I suppose that's exactly the point of the phrase. Because when I think of my dad, I know that he IS the "World's Best Dad"...for ME.

My dad knows how to make me laugh. He knows how to challenge me, to reassure me, encourage and support me. He knows how, and he does all those things; he always has. I am, in large part, who I am today because of his influence, and I consider myself incredibly blessed to be able to continue to benefit daily from his guidance and learn from his wisdom. He has also become one incredible grandpa, and my daughter is one fortunate little girl to have him play such a special role in her world.

I have the "World's Best Dad".

And, so does Emerson.

Emerson has a daddy who reads with her every night before bedtime, crawls and plays chase around the living room, and gives "monster hugs" each morning. Her daddy provides for our family, and loves her mommy so well. He is a good man, who cares about making her happy, keeping her safe, raising her to know the Lord, and teaching her how to play catch.

Watching Bobby navigate new fatherhood has been a joy. He cares about Emerson so genuinely & with such compassion, and it melts my heart to watch them together. He is the best dad for Emerson that I could imagine...the "World's Best", you might say.

Thanks for all you do, gentlemen. And, for all you are. 

Watch just might have a new coffee mug coming your way*.

Happy Father's Day!

*Except not today...because I got the idea a little too late. My bad. Better luck next year!

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