Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Invitation by cocodot.
I can understand why hosting a large gathering two weeks before a new baby joins the family may sound unappealing to most. But, as much as Bobby and I enjoy entertaining, we decided to do exactly that! And, in our opinion, it turned out to be a great idea. Everyone seemed to have a good time!

I should mention that there was an added, largely-unforeseen bonus to the gathering. I was able to capitalize on the nesting instinct to get the house in great shape for the party, and everyone knows that cleaning house is more "fun" when company's coming. 

Fun social event plus really-clean-house two weeks before my due date...win, win! 

And, if we can maintain the house in its current condition (as is the goal!), then we'll get to bring baby home to an organized, clutter-free space...which will make for one very happy new mama.

It was such fun for us to spend time with some of the people who have helped make the past nine months such a special time, and who will undoubtedly make the first days of our little girl's life that much sweeter by being a part of them.

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  1. Emily,
    This is such a terrific idea. You are such a neat little Mama! Best wishes!